Top level folder for Files

Committee Notes

Notes from Monthly Troop Committee Meetings


Troop Cookbook

Guides for New Scouts

Info for Scouts new to Troop 414

Hiking and Camp Maps

Topographic Maps and Camp Maps for Troop Events

Membership Forms

Boy Scout Membership Applications

Patrol/Troop Forms (Menu, Duty Roster, etc...)

List of Patrol and Troop Forms

PLC Minutes

Notes From PLC and Troop planning Meetings

Scoutmaster Conference Sheets

All Scouts must be prepared for fulfilling their Troop/BSA requirements for Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review. The two most important elements are:

Troop Guide Folder

References for the Troop Guide for Training of new scouts. This folder also contains those Rank Requirements that can be accomplished on camp outs.

Winter Camping, Klondikes and Freeze Out Info

Training materials on Cold Weather Camping
Position Description
Boy Scout Bingo
Home Safety Checklist
Polices and Procedures of Troop 414